Thunder Select

Thunder Select Fall Tryouts

Thunder Select will be having fall tryouts for class of 2026-2030.

Fall Tournament Schedule

2 Fall tournaments TBA.

Practice Schedule

Thunder Select practice will begin in September. Please check PlayerFirst team page for updates.

Team Hotel

Team Hotel info TBA.

Team Breakdown

THUNDER SELECT teams will continue to focus on fundamentals and player development within the proven Thunder curriculum. Good sportsmanship will be emphasized. Teams will compete locally and throughout the region.

THUNDER BLAST will be comprised of 2026 and 2027 players. Thunder Blast is designed for emerging players who want to improve their skills, play in local events and have an opportunity to attend regional recruiting events. The High School Thunder Select program is for players motivated to develop quickly under the direction of our coaches and have an impact at the high school varsity level and possibly play in college.

THUNDER RUMBLE will be comprised of 2028 and 2029 players. Thunder Rumble aims to prepare developing players for the demands of varsity level competition. This will require an age appropriate level of focus and drive as players will be encouraged to train and compete each day in order to get better.

THUNDER CRASH will be comprised of 2030 and 2031 players.  Thunder Crash will focus on lacrosse fundamentals, positional skills, and developing lacrosse IQ.  Our coaches will encourage commitment to training and good sportsmanship so as to compete, while fostering a love for the game.