Thunder and Atlanta Storm Parents and Players:


We write to you today with exciting news for the entire Thunder and Atlanta Storm Lacrosse family as we enter the new year and new decade. As of January 24th, Thunder has formally merged with 3Step Sports, a company based outside of Boston that specializes in club team sports, tournaments, sports apparel and media content.


The decision to join forces with 3Step was not an easy one for our team of leaders. After months of due diligence and countless discussions and meetings, it became clear to our leadership that 3Step is a fantastic company with an outstanding track record of success and a reputation for delivering customers a premium experience—exactly the type of company we have tried to build and will continue to strive toward as we embark upon the next journey.


We have no intention of making wholesale changes. By becoming part of 3Step Sports, Thunder and Atlanta Storm—which will keep its brand names—will afford its customers, coaches and employees a wealth of additional, more valuable, opportunities thanks to the scale and number of relationships accessible to us through our new partnership. Thunder and Atlanta Storm will join a group of growing lacrosse entities, many brand names that you already know, to form a lacrosse division within the 3Step portfolio.


This evolution for the organization will not only enhance and expand our programming, but it will grow our already-vast coaching network that includes men and women from diverse backgrounds teaching the game in all corners of the continent. We will continue to work with the best coaches, far and wide, to train your sons and daughters on the field and in the box with the goal of helping them reach their greatest potential. We will continue to be a proud member of the NLF.


The immediate impact on our players and their families is minimal, but over time, your sons and daughters will benefit from the addition of new resources, visibility and opportunities, just as our leaders and our coaches will be empowered and emboldened with new resources, relationships, and much more.


In the short term, we encourage you to reach out with any questions you might have. As we head into the new decade, we are thrilled for this next phase of our company and we are committed to providing the best lacrosse training and the best lacrosse opportunities in the industry.


The Thunder and Atlanta Storm Executive Team